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Bigfoot Footprint Shaped Candy Dish – Funny Ceramic Spoon Rest for Kitchen Counter – Eclectic Home Decor – Catch All Tray for Jewelry and Trinkets

  • $13.99

We Love Bigfoot – So, naturally, we have a white ceramic tray that mimics a footprint cast of Bigfoot's right foot. Elevate your table decor game with this weird, hand-carved display tray. It holds everything from a kitchen utensil to keys, crystal stones, and potpourri. 


Or Maybe You've Got a Thing for Feet – This foot shaped decorative tray, measuring 9" L x 4.75" W x 1.3" H, takes your home decor to the next level. Use it as a cute jewelry tray or trinket dish for rings, watches, and more, or showcase your collection of healing crystals.


Warning – Having this funny candy bowl on your office desk may result in unexpected popularity. Prepare for lively banter and random drive-bys as colleagues stop to enjoy the treats and witness the candy holder. Being the office hero is a tough job, but hey, someone has to do it.


Top Bigfoot Gifts Under $20 Spark laughter and delight with this quirky Sasquatch spoon holder for stove, a perfect yankee swap or white elephant gift. You'll watch gloriously knowing this kitchen counter decor item will easily stand out among other presents in the exchange, putting you firmly in the funky decor gifting GOAT conversation. Who knows, the food might even taste better.


The Squatchiest Key Bowl You'll Ever Own – This is one big foot gift or housewarming present you must encounter. Buy one today for the Sasquatch (or foot) lover in your life. And for the skeptics – if you're not convinced by this legendary key tray, just reach out for a full refund.



The Bigfooting team has come to Shopify investigate some very compelling sasquatch gifts footage known as the Bigfoot Footprint Display Dish from Jodges Trunk.

The Bigfoot Footprint Display Dish from Jodges Trunk is a hand-carved, all-purpose trinket tray that mimics a footprint cast of a bigfoot’s right foot. It’s designed to hold everything from kitchen utensils to candy, nuts, jewelry, keys, trinkets, crystals, candles, and more.

This spoon holder for kitchen counter is made of food safe ceramic material and is hand-painted in glossy white paint. Its dimensions are approximately 9 inches long by 5 inches wide by 1.3 inches high.

After a town hall meeting with key eye witness purchasers of the decorative bowl, the bigfoot team has identified several clusters of activity where customers have reported encountering the white tray in their home and office.

Numerous eye witness accounts of the sasquatch footprint display dish describe seeing it being using by men and women in the workplace and the house as a unique candy tray.

Other eye witness accounts report seeing this cool home decor tray being used as a jewelry holder dish in bedrooms on dressers and nightstands. Others also report seeing it being used as a kitchen spoon rest near the stovetop. This kitchen spoon holder should be hand washed only.

The final hot spot of encounters seems to be around the main living areas of the home or apartment. This is not surprising as this cute home decor item not only makes a great crystal holder but also a fun key dish and catchall tray for candles, nuts and other knick knacks.

This is one big foot sasquatch gifts encounter you must see. Buy one today for the Bigfoot (or foot) lover in your life. Skeptics, if you still think this is clearly a fake print, simply contact us for a full refund.


UPC - 857161006378

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