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Magnetic Lineup Tabs for Play Ball Situations™ Coaches Board

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Extra Magnetic Lineup Tabs – 30 Pack Of Magnetic Data Card Label Holders by Play Ball Situations – Includes Inserts & Bonus Storage Pouch (0.5" x 1.5")

STAY ORGANIZED ON GAME DAY. It’s A Lot Easier & Faster Moving Magnets Around Than Writing & Erasing Every Inning.

30 FLEXIBLE C-SHAPED MAGNETS. Dark Gray, 0.5” x 1.5” Perfectly Designed To Hold Cardstock Inserts.

60 COLOR CODED PERFORATED INSERTS. 30 Blue & 30 White Inserts Make It Easy To Differentiate The Batting Order And Fielding Assignments

BEST USED WITH THE PLAY BALL SITUATIONS COACHES BOARD. Also Works With All Other Magnetic Baseball/Softball Line-Up Coacher Boards.

MAGNETIC LABEL TAG HOLDERS. Ideal For The Refrigerator, Responsibility Chart, Calendar, School Locker, Office And More. Will Work On Any Magnetic Surface Including Dry Erase, Message, Bulletin, Chalk and Black Boards.



No more “Where am I playing this inning?” questions. Finally, a better way to manage your game day lineup all season long. It’s a lot easier moving magnets around the board versus writing and erasing names inning after inning. Ideal for using with your Play Ball Situations board, or any other magnetic coaches board. Simply place the magnets with your player’s names at the appropriate positions on your lineup board so they can see exactly where they should be playing. Use the blue inserts to denote the batting order and never bat out of order again. Set includes: 30 C-Shaped magnets, 30 blue & 30 white pre-cut inserts 1 Drawstring pouch to store your magnets when not in use.


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