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At Gamba Tools™, we're all about providing you with the best, highest quality products that help you not only get the job done right but also get it done safely.  When we’re evaluating a product, we're making sure the quality is going to hold up on the job when the work has to get done. 

There is a saying that goes, “Always spend more on the things that separate you from the ground.”  We know what it’s like to work hard for a living.  It doesn’t matter if you have bad knees, good knees or throbbing knees after a long day.  Getting the best in safety & protection to “SAVE YOUR KNEES™” makes sense.  That’s why we set out to create the most comfortable pair of kneepads on the market.

When it comes to your knees, we want you to make an educated decision because all kneepads are not created equal.  For example, our Gel Elite and Gel Softees kneepads have what we proudly refer to as “Best in Class Cushioning.”  We use extra thick 18mm high density EVA foam.  The layered gel-cushioning insert we use in our kneepads is 1cm; the thickest available.  We then cover our padding with 3mm thick Neoprene lining, which adds another layer of protection and comfort.   All of these premium materials ultimately help to distribute the weight throughout the pad effectively reducing knee fatigue.  It’s like kneeling on two big gel pillows.

But there is one downside to having “Best in Class Cushioning.”  Due to the amount of padding in both our Gel Elite and Gel Softees knee pads, we recommend a break-in period is usually necessary to get the knee pads to fit "just right." We have found the break-in period varies from person to person depending on size, weight, hours of use and type of use. Until you squash down the padding a little, you may find you need to adjust the kneepads more frequently.

Then again, maybe you are part of the 1% that feels more padding is bad and that’s okay.  They’re your knees and you are free to do what you want with them.  We just encourage you to ask our competitors what type of padding they are using so you can make an informed decision.  Like the commercial says “What’s in your kneepads?”

But we didn’t stop with cushioning.  Our large, durable, low profile cap provides a solid stable kneeling base and is designed to prevent rollover and allows for easier forward movement, effectively increasing your range of motion. We offer two styles of caps.  Our Gel Elite cap is a harder, firmer shell made of PP + TPR material and provides superior safety and protection.  The Gel Softees shell is made with a durable, flexible rubber material called TPR that is designed to provide a softer, less rigid feel when kneeling and standing.  Since the Gel Softees shell is rubber, it will also grip the floor very well resulting in minimal sliding.  Additionally, because the shell is softer, it is less susceptible to scuffing than harder shells, which should minimize the potential of damaging flooring when working indoors.  When used correctly, both shells are ideal for all types of high impact indoor & outdoor jobs and work.  In addition to two different shell styles (i.e. hard & soft), our knee pads also come in two different colors (i.e. red & black).

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people about kneepads is they don’t like the straps digging in to the back of their knees. Our innovative strap design helps to minimize “annoying strap bunching” which makes our kneepads even more comfortable.  Specifically, we use a combination of one doublewide neoprene strap on the bottom of the kneepad and a more traditional skinnier neoprene strap as the upper strap.  With our design, the wider bottom strap fits snuggly around the calf holding the kneepad in place while the thinner strap wraps around the leg above the knee.  As we all know, when we kneel, that top strap is going to nestle in the back of the knee.  Over time, this may become bothersome.  The good news is it’s at most only one strap because the doublewide bottom strap stays put on the calf and never bunches behind the knee.  We find with kneepads that use the “old fashioned” two skinny strap system both straps pinching behind the knees is unavoidable.  It’s just the way it is with that design.

Our neoprene straps also help you get the perfect fit every time.  Our bottom strap, end to end, is 23” long, which means it should fit someone with up to a 22” calf.  Additionally, to ensure the strap stays fastened, we’ve stitched in 15” of Hook & Loop Fastener strips.   NOTE:  The lawyers prefer us to say “Hook & Loop” and not Velcro® because Velcro® is a registered trademark.  Either way, 15 inches is a lot and will help you get the best fit that’s just right for your size.  The Upper Strap is 14.5” long and easily stretches to 28”.  It has an easy to adjust Slip Buckle Clip that makes putting on and taking off your knee pads a breeze.  There is also a convenient upper tab to allow for easy repositioning during the break in period if needed.

Lastly, in addition to creating what we think are the best kneepads on the market today, we put our money where our mouth is and back all our products with our risk free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your Gamba Tool kneepads for any reason, simply contact us for a full refund or we will issue you a new pair.  Why not get a pair or two today and give one to a friend or co-worker and SAVE YOUR KNEES™.