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About Play Ball Lineup™


If you’ve been coaching youth baseball or softball for a while, you’ve already figured out your own ‘system’ for creating lineups for your team.   If you are new to coaching, it won’t be long till you figure out your own ‘system’ too.  For many Coaches, thinking about the lineup is fun.  We enjoy thinking and talking through the ‘perfect’ lineup for the upcoming game.  That is until we actually need to sit down and create it.  That’s the time consuming part we can do without.  

What if there was an app where the Coach could provide the strategy and the app could actually generate the lineup for the Coach based on that strategy?  Thereby saving the Coach from the time-consuming responsibility of creating an equitable yet competitive lineup.  And, if you didn’t agree with the lineup that the app created, you could tweak it to get it just right.  Basically, it would be an app that thinks like a coach.  It sounds too good to be true, right?  Not any more.

Play Ball Lineup is the revolutionary youth baseball and softball lineup making app that thinks like a coach.  Play Ball Lineup quickly and easily improves the lineup making process for youth baseball and softball coaches without sacrificing strategy or flexibility.  

Unlike other lineup apps, Play Ball Lineup actually makes the lineup for the Coach based on the strategy provided by the Coach.  Play Ball Lineup has two strategy modes a Coach can use to create a lineup: Instructional Play and Competitive Play.  Instructional Play is ideal for Tee-Ball, Coach pitch and Machine pitch or whenever the goal is more about teaching fundamentals and playing all positions and less about keeping score and winning.  Competitive Play is ideal for when the games are more competitive or when you would simply like the ability to customize your lineup beyond what's available in Instructional Play.  Each strategy mode contains easy to use settings and inputs designed to completely customize an equitable yet competitive lineup for game day success.

Whether you need to create a lineup for Tee-Ball, Coach Pitch or the Majors division championship game, Play Ball Lineup puts your players and team in the best position to play safe, have fun and succeed on game day.

Play Ball Lineup is a universal app that has been designed for use on your iPad and iPhone.  It is optimized for iPad.