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About Play Ball Situations™

​​Research shows there are 3 ways people learn:

1.  Auditory (by hearing) 

2.  Visual (by seeing)

3.  Kinesthetic (by doing)

Therefore, your players all have a preferred style of how they learn best.  It could be visual, by hearing or by doing. Most likely it’s a combination of all three. 


Source:  Fleming’s (2001) Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) model. 


When it comes to coaching baseball & softball players, in our experience, we rarely ever see coaches diagraming plays and SHOWING players where they need to be in order to properly defend a play.  Interestingly, you see football and basketball coaches doing this all the time at all levels.  If you aren’t teaching visually, you may be limiting your team’s ability to learn the game faster, have more fun and get better results on game day.​

Typically, baseball & softball players only HEAR what to do on the field when they are DOING the situation.  Incorporating the baseball version of an X’s & O’s session at the beginning of practice to visually teach players the situations you will be working on that day will help them to better understand and learn the concepts faster.  Then, when you provide coaching on the field, it will be more impactful because you will have already taught them the concept in the “Classroom”.

Who doesn’t want more success on the field?  Taking the time to teach situational baseball or softball is just as important as teaching hitting, pitching, fielding or throwing.  If your team consistently knows what to do when the ball is hit, either when at bat or in the field, then you are going to be in most games. 

Every team or coach you face this season is trying to get better.  Of course we understand that’s a relative statement and depends on the level you are coaching.  Teaching what to do when the ball is hit is just as important at the tee-ball level as it is at the older, more competitive levels.  The situations just get a little more complicated but the concepts are basically the same.

For a coach, it’s about developing players, increasing their baseball/softball IQ and making it fun for them.  On the field success is a by-product of a coach that develops smart, fundamentally sound players.


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