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Gamba Tools™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Gel Elite and the Gel Softees?

The primary difference between the Gel Elite and the Gel Softees is the material used to make the red or black outer shell.  Otherwise, both knee pads provide the exact same level of gel padding & cushioning.

The Gel Elite shell is made from a combination of PP (polypropylene) and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) which basically means it has the characteristics of both rubber and plastic.   PP+TPR is hard/stiffer than a PVC shell which tends to be softer and more flexible. The PP+TPR shell is very durable and provides superior protection for you knees on the toughest terrain conditions. 

The Gel Softees shell is made of TPR which means its basically a rubber shell.  This shell is much more flexible than the shell on the Gel Elites resulting in a softer feel when wearing them.  Because the shell is rubber, it will grip the floor much better than the Gel Elite resulting in minimal sliding.  You do not want to wear our Gel Softees skateboarding in the half pipe.  Our Gel Elites are much better suited for that.  :-)

Also, because the shell is TPR, it is less susceptible to scuffing than the harder shell on the Gel Elite which should minimize the potential of damaging any flooring. 


Do I need to break in my knee pads?

Yes.  Due to the amount of padding in your Gel Elite and Gel Softees knee pads, we find a break in period is usually necessary to get the knee pads to fit "just right."   We have found the break-in period varies from person to person based on size, weight, hours of use and type of use.  Until you break them in, you may find you need to adjust the knee pads from time to time.